Taylor Swift Fan Arrested For Trespassing

Taylor Swift got a not so pleasant birthday surprise last night… a home intruder!

A crazed fan, who claimed to be her boyfriend, was arrested last night for trespassing on the singer’s Nashville property.

The trespasser, a 24-year-old man named Jacob Kulke, was arrested at 1:45 AM after he jumped the fence and attempted to enter Taylor’s home!

Kulke claims he took a bus from Wisconsin to be with the singer for her birthday. He was apprehended by Taylor’s security and police arrived shortly after.

Reportedly, Kulke told cops he had contacted someone at the home via social media and that he was there to celebrate Swift’s 23rd birthday.

Oh yeah, because that’s a totally valid reason. [Eye Roll]

This isn’t the first time Kulke has run into trouble with the law. According to reports, he was convicted of disorderly conduct, battery and drug possession back in 2010.

Well Taylor… happy birthday.

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