Snoop Dogg Smokes 81 Marijuana Joints A Day!

Snoop Dogg smokes a lot of weed… like probably too much.

Snoop, who now calls himself Snoop Lion, recently did an interview where he revealed the extent of his love affair with Marijuana.

Obviously, the “Gin and Juice” rapper was high during the interview which resulted in some hilarious, blunt answers. Pun not originally intended, but now intended.

So how long has the rapper gone without smoking weed? According to Snoop, 164 days was his longest clean stint. He would know the exact number.

Snoop also admitted to smoking weed with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson while shooting Starsky & Hutch!

Okay now here’s the big one, guess how many blunts Snoop Dogg smokes a day (pretend you haven’t already read the title).

He admits to smoking 81 bunts a day, everyday!

That’s 567 blunts a week! That’s more than three blunts an hour, every hour of a 24 hour day!

How does he even have the time?

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