Paris Hilton’s Brother Has Secretly Been In Rehab!

Paris Hilton’s younger brother has been in rehab for months without any of us knowing about it!

Yup, it has just been discovered that Conrad Hilton III has been seeking treatment in a rehab center since August of this year.

Reportedly, Conrad was admitted to the Utah rehabilitation center shortly after violating his probation on July 30 when he was busted with possession of marijuana.

Well like any Hilton, he didn’t stick around for his punishment very long… he left treatment about two months early!

“Conrad was scheduled to be in rehab until January, but he was released early on November 11, 2012, and returned home to spend time with his family for Thanksgiving,” a close source reveals.

Conrad, the littlest Hilton (besides Tinkerbell who I don’t believe exists anymore), first got into trouble with the law back in 2011 when he crashed into two parked cars after leaving a club in Hollywood.

Congrats to Conrad for being able to keep a secret for over a couple of months, that’s like years in the Celebrity World!

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