Ninth Harry Potter Movie FILMING NOW!

Clutch your pearls and sit down! A ninth ‘Harry Potter’ film is underway. Details after I squee with nerd elation.

Before we get too high on the thought of camping outside a theater in our On All Fours For Gryffindors! t-shirts, please note that the installment will be exclusively shown at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction in Florida. It will also join its sister attractions at the two new Hogwarts theme parks in California and Japan upon their completion.

According to The Sun (via SugarScape), Helena Boham Carter – who plays the terrifying Bellatrix Lestrange – and fellow cast members have been filming scenes at Levesdon studios in Hertfordshire over the past few weeks.

A source confirmed: “The cast have really enjoyed getting back together — they are so tight-knit.

“The shooting schedule is nowhere near as long as the films, so though filming has been intense, the stars have enjoyed being able to pop in and out.”

I have been lucky enough to experience the WWOHP twice. At my last venture to the Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios, they were at work with several construction zones. While on the Dragon Challenge coaster ride, I attempted to survey as much of the construction as possible. I rode it twice to try and get a feel for the changes, but all I can say is – BIG. I also took note of the removal of the JAWS ride on the park’s other side, Universal Studios. Could they somehow be connected? I don’t know, but I fear it will led the necessity of picking up tickets to BOTH parks. After the ticket price jump shortly after the Wizarding World opened, I will have to fork over a kidney on eBay to pay admission.

Rumors to the Wizarding World Expansion have been growing since its insanely successful opening. A Gringotts Mine Ride seems to be a concrete notion. The films could pertain to the ride since the report specifically mentions Helena Boham Carter as Bellatrix. According to rumors, the original concept was to put another Harry Potter world location in between the Fear Factor Live theater and the Disaster! show building…right where JAWS used to be. When I was there in November this year, the entire section was blocked off, no evidence of any kind of rides were present and all that remained were walls and a few booths for food and drinks.

Yet another rumor suggests that a restaurant is being created. My guess – The Leaky Cauldron. More shops and spaces will be available and suggest a second Ollivander’s Wands Shop loctioon. Please note, that Universal hasn’t even officially announced the expansion…yet.

Bellow are images via Theme Park Insider regarding the rumored Gringotts ride and the construction of a very large building said to be the Gringotts attraction.

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