Lindsay Lohan’s Probation REVOKED!

Lindsay Lohan, aka the human train wreck, got her probation revoked today… is anyone surprised?

Well, now it’s up to her judge to decide whether to throw Lindsay in the slammer or not!

The actress was arraigned this morning on charges related to her huge car accident in California last June… you know the one where she lied to cops and said she wasn’t driving.

Yeah, that one.

The charges come as a total violation of Lindsay’s probation in her jewelry theft case so as a result it was revoked.

Commissioner Jane Godfrey, the judge who arraigned Lohan, has scheduled a probation violation hearing for January 15th.

If things don’t go Lindsay’s way, she could be facing 245 days in prison!

But knowing how things work in Hollywood, Lindsay will probably get out of it somehow.

Must be nice…

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