Lindsay Lohan Offered Financial Rescue By Strip Club

Lindsay Lohan is pretty down on her luck right now, but it looks like she may be getting help from an unlikely source…

That’s right! The legendary Scores strip club has offered to save Lindsay’s storage locker from being auctioned off, but obviously there’s a catch.

Just in case you didn’t know, Lindsay is way behind on payments for her storage locker so now the storage company is threatening to auction off the unit unless Lindsay coughs up the $16,000 she owes!

But here’s the thing, Lindsay’s basically poor! Her accounts have been seized by the IRS, she doesn’t have a lot of income, and she is struggling to pay rent.

So in an effort to save her from some of her financial problems, Scores wants to make Lindsay a deal.

If Lindsay becomes an online video chat host for ScoresLive.com, the company will foot the bill for her storage locker AND they’ll pay the rent on her Beverly Hills home for the next few months!

So we won’t be seeing Lindsay spinning around a pole? Nope, as a video chat host Lindsay doesn’t even have to get naked.

Lohan hasn’t responded to the deal yet, but she could seriously need the help and the work seems so easy!

I’d take this one Linds… just saying!

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