Lindsay Lohan Can’t Even Pay Her Rent!

Linsday Lohan‘s money problems just keep getting worse and worse…

The “Liz & Dick” actress is so financially unstable that she can barely pay her monthly rent!

According to sources, Lindsay is struggling every month to pay the $8,000 rent on her mansion in Beverly Hills.

Apparently, Lohan signed the lease on the home in February when things were going a little bit better for her money-wise.

Obviously things have gone south for actress and now she has to scrape together everything she has in order to pay every month. She has even been asking friends for cash!

So why doesn’t she just move out? Well, reportedly the owners of the home told Linds that she would be hit with a huge penalty if she broke the lease.

She’s basically stuck there until February 2013. After that Lindsay has been telling friends she plans on moving to New York.

She should hit up Amanda Bynes for a place to stay… Crazies have to stick together!

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