Liam Hemsworth Gets In Huge Street Fight (Video)

They say you shouldn’t throw rocks in glass houses, well they should really be saying don’t throw rocks at Liam Hemsworth!

Video has surfaced of Miley Cyrus’ fiancé getting into a huge brawl outside a bar in Philadelphia.

In the footage we see a possibly intoxicated Hemsworth beating the sh*t out of another man in the middle of a street!

According to sources, Liam had confronted the guy before the fight because he thought he had thrown a rock at him and his friend.

Police quickly arrived on the scene and shooed away the crowd. No arrests were made and Liam got away scot-free.

Clearly the victim was chocolate wasted because after the fight he reportedly slurred, “I don’t think [Liam] fared much better.”

Yeah… he was drunk.

Check out the fight below…


As of right now, no charges have been filed.

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