Kristen Stewart To Star With Ben Affleck In New Sexy Comedy

Kristen Stewart has just revealed that she will be starring alongside Ben Affleck in an upcoming comedy called “Focus.”

It has been rumored for about a month now that she would be joining the cast, but now it is being confirmed by Stewart herself.

The Twilight star revealed, “I can confirm that rumor. It’s a comedy. I’m really excited about it. We start shooting in April.”

According to reports, Stewart would play the role of “an inexperienced con artist who hooks up with the more seasoned Affleck.”

Well we all know she has no problems hooking up with more seasoned men…

Rumor has it that the film will call on K-Stew to perform a couple “passionate” love scenes.

I’m guessing Kristen Stewart’s “passionate” acting will be about the same as her “happy,” “sad,” “excited” and “angry” acting. Just saying.

Anyways congrats. [Does Dead Pan K-Stew Face]

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