Kim Kardashian Threatening To Leave Instagram

Kim Kardashian is leaving Instagram… if they don’t change their new policy!

The photo-based social media app could be losing its #1 user due to their new photo ownership policies. This truly is the end of the world.

As we all know, Instagram has been taking a lot of heat this week after the company unveiled their new terms of service policy.

The new policy would allow them to sell any user’s photos to other outside companies without compensation to the user.

Now celebrities and common folk alike are outraged and demanding change, especially the app’s most followed user Kim Kardashian!

Kim is telling friends that she will shut down her account and join a rival photo-based app if things don’t change.

Kim currently has 5,726,343 followers on Instagram and if she leaves a good portion of them could ditch the app as well.

Plus her whole family, who are also widely followed, would likely leave too!

So why is Kim so popular? Check out some of Kim’s unique Instagram photos below…

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Instagram has already sent out a statement claiming that the wording of the terms of service policy was confusing and that it doesn’t plan on selling your photos. They are currently revising the contract.

Oh social media…

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