Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young’ Pulled From Radio After Newtown Shooting

Ke$ha’s hit single “Die Young” has been pulled from radio stations around the country in response to the Newtown massacre!

The song was released back in September and has continued to be one of the most listened to songs on the charts.

That is until the day of the Newtown shooting, when radio stations slowly began removing it from rotation.

By Monday, the huge hit had dropped down to 148 million listeners! That’s a 19 million drop in just a few days.

A drop like that hasn’t been seen since the Dixie Chicks were pulled from country radio after they insulted President George Bush.

Luckily for Ke$ha, the single has been out for about three months now and another single was likely due for release anyways.

Obviously the song has nothing to do with shootings or the Newtown massacre, but unfortunately the title (which is repeated multiple times) does seem a bit inappropriate during this time of tragedy.

The singer has yet to comment on the situation…

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