Jenelle Evans Might Be Back On Drugs!

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans can never seem to stay out of trouble, she’s like a poor man’s Lindsay Lohan.

So what’s Jenelle up to now? Well reportedly friends and family are worried the reality star has gone back to drugs!

Apparently, last night Evans disappeared for hours without telling anyone where she had gone.

Early this morning, Jenelle’s husband, Courtland Rogers tweeted in anger, “Leaves at 3 am returns at 730 am where the f*ck did she go for four hours late night ??!yea I am done !!! F*ck this.”

“Jenelle struggles with drugs, which everyone knows, and when she disappears in the middle of the night we get terrified that she’s using again,” the close source reveals.

“She doesn’t always do the right thing and with Courtland freaking out we started to get really worried that she’s back on drugs.”

Jenelle has responded to everyone’s fears by saying she was hanging out with her friend Tori, but the people around her are still skeptical.

Evans has been and is likely still addicted to heroin, which her ex, Keiffer Delp, allegedly got her hooked on while they were dating.

“Jenelle clearly hasn’t kicked her addiction and we are afraid that she might be doing the really bad drugs again, but we don’t know because we can’t get a straight answer from her.”

Courtland later publicly apologized to Janelle on Twitter saying, “I am sorry on how this morning worked out !! We should of take it over before I jumped to conclusions I love u so much.”

Let’s hope the Teen Mom star stays on the right path, but knowing her track record I wouldn’t hold my breathe.

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