Jay-Z Forces Chris Brown To Stop Selling Rihanna Shirts

Chris Brown is in trouble again, this time for selling Rihanna T-shirts on his site.

Apparently Brown has angered Rihanna’s management as well as Jay-Z himself by selling the shirts without their approval.

Basically, Chris has been selling T-shirts on his website which featured a black and white image of himself and Rihanna.

The “Turn Up The Music” singer did not pay or get the permission to sell the shirts with RiRi’s image on them.

Reportedly Rihanna’s management company was furious when they found out! Not to mention they already hate Chris and feel that Rihanna is ruining her brand by associating with him.

“Jay Z personally called up Chris Brown and told him to take down the t-shirt or there would be consequences,” says a source at Roc Nation. “I don’t know about any street stuff, but there are legal consequences to selling [Rihanna's] image.”

Obviously Chris backed down and now the site says the t-shirts are “sold out.”

Okay Chris… [eye roll]

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