Frankie Muniz Had A Stroke!

Frankie Muniz, the star of “Malcolm in the Middle,” almost died last week!

The actor suffered from a mini-stroke while in Arizona and doctors have no idea what caused it.

On Friday Frankie was taken to the ER by friends who noticed he was acting strangely.

Apparently, the 26-year-old couldn’t understand words and was having trouble talking which alarmed his friends enough to take him to the hospital.

After being evaluated, Frankie was hit with the news that he had suffered from a minor stroke!

Reportedly, Frankie is just happy to be alive after going through such a traumatic experience.

But some good news, today is Mr. Muniz’s birthday!

“Enjoying a nice RELAXING birthday! Thank you everyone for all the kind messages you are sending me! Means a lot to me,” tweeted Frankie just a few minutes ago.

Happy Birthday Frankie, take it easy!

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