Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Snowmen” Live Recap 12/25/12

Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Snowmen” Live Recap 12/25/12The Doctor Who annual Christmas special is here and this years special is called “The Snowmen” and we have a live recap for you. So sit back, relax and get ready because the show is about to start!

The show opens with teethed, snapping snowflakes falling to the ground in England in time past. There’s a little boy building a snowman who never talks or plays with other children. His snowman talks back to him. The snowman tells him he can help him. And the voice of the snowman is none other than Magneto himself – the always excellent Ian McKellan!

Flash forward 50 years later and Dr. Simeon grown. He’s observing workers scraping snow off of snowmen. There’s a giant snow globe now talking to him. He promises to keep its secrets. He goes out to the balcony and there’s a group of hungry men waiting to be fed. Suddenly a group of ravenous snowmen pop up and eat them all. He smirks – I promised I’d feed you, I didn’t say who to.

A serving girl comes out the back of the tavern and sees a snowman. She asks the passing stranger if he made it. He says no and turns back – it’s the Doctor. He muses that perhaps the snow remembered how to build itself. She tells him her name is Clara. He tells her she should keep the snowman. He leaves her there disappointed.

Clara hears the crack of a whip and hoof beats and heads off down the alley after him, but he’s already gone. There’s a speaking pipe in the carriage talking to him and it’s a woman’s voice commenting that she’s glad he’s taken an interest. He says the girls can’t find him again – she doesn’t even know his name – that he’s the Doctor.


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