Britney Spears Working On New Album!

Britney Spears is working on her next studio album!

The performer has brought on song writer Elijah Blake to get to work on her eighth album.

Blake has worked with many big names in the music industry including Rihanna and Usher. This could definitely be another hit for the pop star.

“I think her fans will be surprised by it,” said Blake about the “Femme Fatale” follow up.

“I would say it’s definitely the ‘unexpected’ Britney in so many ways, in that she’s playing with new textures and stomping on new grounds and genres.”

New genres? Maybe Britney will do a little rapping… that would be interesting.

Although not much more is known about the new album, Britney did give a little tease back in October.

On the fifth anniversary of her album “Blackout,” the performer wrote on Twitter, “I heard Happy Birthday Blackout was trending earlier… thank u all for loving the album as much as I do. Blackout 2.0?”

Blackout 2.0? Hopefully she’s just referring to the album.

We don’t need a repeat of 2007 when she was literally blacked out the whole time.

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