Brad Pitt Willing To Spend $10 Million For Angelina Jolie Sex Tape

Brad Pitt is willing to pay millions to keep the Angelina Jolie sex tape off the market… wait Angelina Jolie has a sex tape?

Apparently she does and Brad does NOT want you to see it!

Brad is trying to buy the tape so that it never reaches the public and reportedly he is offering $10 million.

According to sources, the tape and photos in question are allegedly very kinky and may involve cutting!

“Brad’s out to protect the new image that Angelina has tried hard to build – A-list actress, doting mother of six and UN human-rights crusader,” the source said.

“He’ll do whatever it takes to buy these photos and track down the alleged sex tape.”

The video was filmed in 1999 and shows a raunchy, drug-fueled sex act. Reportedly Angelina was so high she doesn’t even know what exactly was caught on tape!

Well good luck Brad…

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