Tyra Banks Working on ‘Life-Size’ Sequel!

Sheee’s Baaack! Tyra Banks is returning to the role she was born to play: a lifeless, plastic doll.

Yup, Disney is working with Banks on a sequel to the Disney Channel movie “Life-Size.”

For those unaware, “Life-Size” was a made-for-TV film about a young girl who is given a Barbie-esque doll which comes to life and teaches her to love herself and others and all that cutesy stuff.

Oh and it starred a young Lindsay Lohan, you know before all of the coke!

According to reports, not only will Tyra be reprising her role as Eve, she will also be executive producing the film.

Tyra has even confirmed her involvement on Twitter, saying:

So will Lindsay be returning as well? Likely not, but hey she does have a huge tax debt that needs to be repaid… Just saying Linds you might want to take this one.

Are you excited for the “Life-Size” sequel or what?

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