Seth MacFarlane Talks ‘Family Guy’ Movie!

Fox‘s hit animated show Family Guy will reach it’s 200 episode milestone this season, but rumors are swirling that a feature length film might be in the works!

The show’s creator Seth MacFarlane is opening up on plans for a movie as well as the inevitable end of the long-running animated comedy.

Family Guy premiered on Fox for the first time in January of 1999 and follows the lives of an unconventional New England family (as if you don’t already know). The show was cancelled in 2001, only to be brought back in 2004.

There have been talks of a Family Guy movie for quite some time, but it wasn’t not until now that Seth MacFarlane had come out to set the record straight.

“With an animated show like this, you can do just about anything on television, so there would have to be a story that you could only tell as a movie,” reveals MacFarlane. “I’ve held onto that idea, and what we’ve come up with I can safely say we could not do on television.”

“It’s a question of timing. Is it better to do it while the series is still on, or is it better to do what they did with Star Trek and wrap up their series and then do movies? To me, I think in a perfect world that would be when we do the movie. Of course, there’s something to be said for a show still being on the air when the film comes out. It certainly worked well for The Simpsons.”

So will we be seeing the end of the show any time soon?

“I always figured we’d wrap up the show with a nice Cheers-style final episode after a few seasons. But the ratings stayed strong and the audiences stayed there, so there’s been every reason to continue making the show,” says MacFarlane. “I couldn’t tell you when the show will end. Our production offices could be on Mars the way things are going.

I would love to see a Family Guy movie! And I just want this show to go on forever… FOREVER!

Anyways, tell us your thoughts on the show and the possible movie in the comment section below…

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