Selena Gomez Hates Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been begging for Selena Gomez to give him another chance, but she wants nothing more to do with him.

So the secret meeting at a hotel last Sunday didn’t work.

According to TMZ, Selena has blocked her phone (which includes texting). For some reason, she’s still following Justin on Twitter, but she’s blocked him on all forms of contact.

The other thing?

The break-up was in fact a result of Justin cheating on Selena.

According to E! News, the breakup wasn’t exactly a shock. In fact, the split was “a long time coming” and jealousy had long been building up between the couple.

Apparently it was a photograph taken back in August of Selena smooching her Parental Guidance costar Nat Wolff that actually fueled Justin’s cheating ways.

“Justin was very jealous of it. He knows it was a photo of them filming, but it still made him jealous,” said the insider.

Not looking too good for you, Bieber.

Are you following Allie on Twitter yet?


  • Victor Polk

    Please don’t hate him Selena, I know he did was very unwise, but you have to forgive him. The Lord always wants you to forgive everyone, even the adultery. So please Miss Gomez, don’t block any text messages from him for life. And Justin when you wanted to bring Selena back, you need to stop calling or texting other girls, refused to hook up any girl you see and it’s not selena.