Rihanna’s Original Uncensored Album Cover Leaks! (Photo)

Rihanna‘s new album Unapologetic, which came out last week, features the singer topless with writing and scribbles strategically covering her body.

Well, the original and uncensored photograph has leaked on the internet and we have it here!

The photograph, which was leaked on Tumblr, shows a completely topless Rihanna with her right nipple exposed while the other is covered by her arm.

The singer is no stranger to nudity so this isn’t really a total shock, but come one who doesn’t enjoy a leaked celebrity nude?

After looking at this photo (for work purposes obviously) I can’t help but ask: Did Rihanna get a boob job?

Check out the uncensored photo after the jump (NSFW)!

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  • http://BackPocketMag.com Alex

    Almost positive this is fake because she wears a large nipple ring. You can see it in this month’s GQ magazine. It’s clear and big. She is also sporting her piercings in the original leaked photos years ago. So I want this to be real, but I don’t think it is.