Rihanna’s 777 Tour Angers Journalists (Video)

When I first learned about the plethora of journalists traveling the world with Rihanna on her 777 Tour, I was a bit envious.

No more of that.

The 777 Tour consists of 250 press and fans along with her band and crew on a chartered plane, performing seven shows in seven countries in seven days.

Yesterday, the first piece of exclusive footage from Rihanna’s documentary crew was released.

The video showcases the singer arriving to the 777 plane and boarding – the only time she’s interacted with the journalists and fans.

In the clip she tells her fans “You’re all gonna either enjoy it or fucking hate me.”

Five days later, we have mutiny and mayhem.

Aside from only seeing Rihanna once, the lack of sleep, red-eye flights and not-so-great food has driven the media insane. Chants transitioned from “Save our jobs!” “Just one quote!” to “We need headlines!”

As the crowd got rowdier, Tim Dormer, a radio shock jock from Australia, ran naked through the aisles. Naked.

“We were looking for a story, and we turned out to be the story,” reports Fuse.

“Everyone is delirious to the point where we are chanting random things. One guy from Australia has streaked stark naked throughout the entire plane! Everyone is up with their cameras rolling waiting for a glimpse at Rihanna. We don’t know if it’s going to pay off, but we’re all ready.”

Rihanna ignored their screams, remaining at the front of the plane.

You know what’s better than going mad? Doing so in unison.

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