Miley Cyrus Caused Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s First Break-up

As well all know Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have officially broken up, but this is definitely not the first time this has happened!

In fact, did you know the first time the couple broke up was because of Miley Cyrus!

According to a close source, Selena was totally jealous when Justin and Miley worked on Punk’d together!

“The first time Justin and Selena broke up, it was because Justin shot an episode of Punk’d with Miley,” reveals the insider. “Selena is repulsed by Miley!”

When Selena came to Justin to talk about how she felt about Miley, the Biebz shut her down.

“Justin did the show anyways, which didn’t sit very well with Selena,” says the source. “He’s been continually choosing work over Selena and she’s finally had enough.”

Oh Miley, I’m sure you were oblivious to all of this.

It is being said that the final straw for Selena was when she saw the photos of Justin with some Victoria’s Secret models on Twitter.

“When they originally started dating, Justin was a boy entertaining young girls, and now he’s a man surrounded by Victoria’s Secret models, and Selena doesn’t like that.”

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  • http://Website megan. lamarche

    Im happy justin dumped her bc justin can do way better then her she is to over protective justin like to have fun and she never let him