Lindsay Lohan Thinks The Cops Are Out To Get Her

Lindsay Lohan is telling people that she thinks the police are trying to ruin her life and reputation.

The actress actually believes the cops are out to get her!

Yesterday news broke that Lindsay would be charged with a misdemeanor for lying to the police about her car accident back last summer.

Apparently Lindsay is still sticking to her story that she wasn’t driving the Porsche that slammed into the back end of a truck despite many eye witness who said she was.

Lindsay is “terrified” of going back behind bars and she fears that law enforcement is using the accident to try and send her back.

“One car accident could ruin everything for me,” she allegedly told a friend.

The troubled star actually believes she is doing a good job following the law and her probation… you know besides the giant accident and lying to the cops about it.

So you think the police are out to get you, huh Linds?

Well guess what they are! You are a criminal, it’s what they do.

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