Lindsay Lohan On Alcohol Bender Before Arrest!

Lindsay Lohan is back on the bottle, but did she ever really leave it?

It’s being reported that Lindsay has been drinking heavily for the past few months as a result of stress and alcoholism.

As well all know by now, Lohan was arrested yesterday morning after punching a woman at an NYC nightclub and was also charged for three other crimes resulting from her car accident last June.

Sources are saying that before Lindsay’s arrest she was drinking as much as two liters of vodka a day!

Apparently, the troubled star has become so over stressed by her financial situation and all of the charges against her that she has returned to boozing.

Insiders are revealing that Lindsay would often start drinking first thing in the morning and continue throughout the day and into the night!

Friends say they have given up on trying to control her when she’s drunk because she tends to get violent, hence the assault and arrest yesterday.

So is Lindsay beyond saving at this point? Can she still have that comeback everyone was hoping for?

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