Lindsay Lohan Never Wants To Meet Her Half-Sister

Recently it was discovered that Michael Lohan fathered a child with a woman he had an affair with 17 years ago… Yeah well Lindsay Lohan isn’t having it.

Apparently, Lindsay wants nothing to do with her new found half-sister or her dad Michael!

According to sources, Lindsay is telling her friends that she is 100% done with her dad’s shenanigans and wants him out of her life completely.

She doesn’t have any ill feelings towards her half-sister Ashley Horn, but she just wants to distance herself from the situation which she finds “disgusting.”

And like the cheating, scumbag, fame whore, deadbeat father that he is, Michael Lohan had to put in his two cents.

“I am sorry to hear Lindsay feels that way,” Michael commented. “I met Ashley and she is a good kid. But we all have our choices to make in life, as well as our own prerogatives. Who knows, maybe someday things will change. Regardless, I want the best for all my kids.”

So I guess Lindsay and Ashley won’t be seeing each other at the Lohan family reunion next year.


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