Kendra Wilkinson Thinks Kelsey Grammer Is Disgusting (Video)

Former Playmate and reality star Kendra Wilknson has quite a bit to say when it comes to Kelsey Grammer.

Wilkinson was spotted heading into a club in LA last night when she revealed her feelings about Kelsey and how he brought his 3-month old baby to a Playboy Mansion party.

Apparently Kendra was disgusted when she saw that Kelsey had brought his infant daughter Faith to a party at the Playboy Mansion last month.

Kendra couldn’t believe Kelsey was partying it up well past midnight while his baby slept in a baby carrier on the floor.

According to Kendra she confronted the “Fraiser” star during the event.

“Oh, he KNOWS how I feel, trust me,” said Kendra. “I gave him that eye and I left because of that.”

“He wanted to say Hi and I said ‘Absolutely not.’ I was like ‘This is disgusting!’”

Check out the video below…

Kelsey has already put out a statement saying that they only brought the baby because they couldn’t find a babysitter and that “The baby slept as her ears were covered the entire time and we left shortly after midnight.”

Uh-huh okay Kelsey.

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