Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Get In Huge Public Fight!

So it doesn’t look like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will be reconciling anytime soon.

Last night the on-the-rocks couple attempted to go on a make-up date… unfortunately things turned real ugly, real fast!

On Friday Justin and Selena went to dinner at Yamato Japanese restaurant in Encino, California. But just moments after entering the restaurant, they stormed out and left in separate cars.

Then the couple drove to Selena’s house and that is where things got really crazy!

Selena arrived first and entered her gate. Then Justin pulled up to the driveway… but Selena wouldn’t let him in!

Reportedly Justin stood at the gate and began throwing a tantrum and started shouting for Selena all in front of the paps.


The Biebz was literally hanging on the gate and screaming for Selena like a crazy person. Unfortunately for him Selena wasn’t having it.

Eventually Justin tired himself out and drove off in his white Ferarri [eye roll].

Oh celebrities, they’re just like us. You know except with Ferraris, motorized driveway gates and lots and lots of money.

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