Justin Bieber Caught Cheating On Selena Gomez (Photo)

Justin Bieber can’t avoid the temptation that is the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Justin and Selena Gomez haven’t been seen together in a while, but that’s because Justin is on tour and Selena has been busy filming and recording a new album.

This week Justin performed at the Victoria’s Secret Show.

The Page Six reports during filming of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and at the after-party as well — Justin flirted with models and even asked a few of them for their digits!

Last night Selena posted the image below, of Bieber and Lil’ Twist.

The photo is like stab to Selena’s heart, because the photo bomber in the back is Barbara Palvin.

Palvin is a 19-year-old Hungarian Victoria’s Secret model, the angel he couldn’t keep from touching.

Justin went to see The Lion King on Broadway the day after the show, and suspiciously Barbara tweeted “Lion king!”

Get rid of him Selena… Once a cheater, always a cheater!

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