Justin Bieber Booed At Canadian Football Game (Video)

Justin Bieber has pissed off Canada and its citizens are making sure he is fully aware.

The singer faced a crowd of boo’s (and preteen cheers) Sunday night when he performed at Canada’s football Grey Cup!

So why was everyone so upset? Well last week the Biebz received the Diamond Jubilee Medal from Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The young star showed up to the prestigious ceremony wearing overalls with one unbuttoned shoulder, a white t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap… totally disrespectful!

Apparently this caused a national uproar (mostly on Twitter), leading to the booing at the Grey Cup last night.

The crowd booed when the 18-year-old’s face flashed on the JumboTron screen, when the show’s host announced his name and even when he took the stage and throughout his performance!

Of course the loyal Beliebers, who were crowed in the front of the audience, drowned out the sound of discontent for their leader.

“Thank you so much Canada,” an unfazed Bieber said. “I love you.”

Check out the performance below…

Well now you know Justin, it’s probably not a good idea to dress like a fool when you are getting a medal from the Prime Minister of your own country.

Just a thought…

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