Jermaine Jackson Changing His Name To…

Why can’t anyone of the Jacksons just be normal and not koo-koo crazy?

Jermaine Jackson, the older brother of Michael Jackson, has filed to change his name, but you’ll never believe to what!

Jermaine has decided to legally change his name to… Jermaine Jacksun.

Yup Jermaine literally changed one letter. He is legally going from “Jackson” to “Jacksun.”

He is so ridiculous.

Yesterday, Jermaine filed a petition with the L.A. County Superior Court for a name change. He cited “artistic reasons” as the reason for the change, but there are no further details.

The new name will need to be approved by a judge so a hearing has been scheduled.

So why the name change? And why such an unnecessary and extremely small change?

Something tells me Jermaine is up to something and I kind of doubt it is just for “artist reasons,” but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Good luck Mr. Jacksun.

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