Janeane Garofalo Was Married For 20 Years And Had No Idea

Did you know Janeane Garofalo has been married for 20 years… yeah either did she.

The 90s icon has just filed for divorce from Rob Cohen who she drunkenly married decades ago in Vegas!

Garofalo and Cohen, a writer from the Ben Stiller Show, had been dating for about a year and during a drunken night in Vegas the couple stopped by a drive-through chapel.

Real classy Janeane!

“Rob and I got married, for real. We were married for 20 years until this evening,” revealed Janeane.

“We got married drunk in Vegas…we dated for a year, and we got married at a drive-through chapel in a cab.”

Apparently the 48-year-old thought drive-through weddings were just a novelty and that you would have to go down to the courthouse to actually make it official.

As it turns out everything was legitimate and official making them legally married.

Cohen is currently engaged to Jill Leiderman, an executive producer for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“We were married, and apparently now that he is getting married for real, his lawyer dug up something,” said Garofalo.

Well apparently what happens in Vegas, does stay in Vegas… until 20 years later.

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