Charlie Sheen Is Paying Off Lindsay Lohan’s Taxes

It’s pretty sad when even Charlie Sheen is trying to get you out of the hole…

Reportedly, Mr. Sheen cut Lindsay Lohan a fat check after finding out about her tax problems!

Apparently Lindsay and Charlie became fast friends on the set of Scary Movie 5 a few months ago, I’m sure they have plenty in common.

According to close sources, during their time working and hanging out together Lindsay confided in Charlie about her ongoing tax problems. Charlie offered Lindsay some money to help her out of her situation, but she gratefully declined.

Then sources say last week Charlie sent over a check to Lindsay for $100,000! Lindsay was blown away by his generosity.

Charlie’s donation was then applied to Lindsay’s tax bill. She did owe the IRS $233,904 in unpaid taxes, but thanks to Charlie she now only owes $133,904!

Crack heads got to stick together!

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