Andrew Garfield Belly Dances For Ellen DeGeneres (Video)

Andrew Garfield proved he could dance without music for Ellen DeGeneres.

The 29-year-old actor was challenged to demonstrate as many different dances as he possibly could within 45 seconds.

For each one done correctly, Ellen promised the Amazing Spider-Man star he would receive $1,000 for his chosen charity, Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

He took the challenge.

Questionable beards aside, I could listen to him stammer about Emma Stone all day long.

Garfield is getting ready to be Spider-Man once again. The actor who brought the fans into the theaters to watch The Amazing Spider-Man is returning to the set for another story about the webbed superhero.

“February we start the next one,” said Garfield. “We started pre-production, we have a script, and it’s very, very good. You need that.”

Garfield is expected to be in NYC for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation gala tonight.

See the interview, after the jump!

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