Amanda Bynes Suing ‘In Touch’ For Nude Tanning Salon Story

Wow, haven’t heard about Amanda Bynes in while…

The former Nickelodean star has been keeping a low profile recently, but now she’s back in the news for taking on In Touch magazine for publishing a false story about her!

Earlier this week In Touch claimed that Bynes was walking around an NYC tanning salon wearing nothing but her goggles!

The mag also said she looked painfully thin and that she seems totally out of it.

Well according to Amanda, this never happened!

“I’m suing In Touch for printing a fake story,” said Amanda in a statement. “I’m not ‘troubled.’ I don’t get naked in public. I’m 26, a multi-millionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy.”

A retired multimillionaire who isn’t troubled… um so then what about the other ten million stories that detail your wacky behavior?

Let’s not forget the DUI, the two hit and run charges, the two charges for driving with a suspended license, the time you tweeted Barack Obama for help after your arrest and the fact that your agent, publicist and lawyer all dropped you because of your craziness.

No Amanda you’re totally not troubled at all.

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