Adam Lambert Gets New Astrological Birth Chart Tattoo (Photo)

Adam Lambert got some new celestial ink!

Adam posted photos of the new astrologically-themed tattoo saying:

“New Ink…It represents my Astrological Birth Chart, along with Pagan, Buddhist, and Greco- Roman Archetypes related to balance and the life cycle….My chart is AQUARIUS Sun, Libra Rising, Aries Moon. All three are represented.”

Pagan, really?

“Tattoo has nothing to do w Satanism… That’s stupid. Greek Mythology? Yes. PAN. The Internet loves these foolish Illuminati conspiracies,” Adam explained to fans on Twitter.

Whatever you say, Adam.

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  • http://allieiswired.com Jason

    Allie: You have never been a fan of Adam so this is just another attempt to make snarky remarks about him. Whatever you say, Allie. BTW, the tatoo is beautiful and amazing.

  • http://allieiswired.com Allie

    So not true, Jason. AND, I never said the tattoo was ugly.