Mila Kunis Topless for Esquire (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

I am sure I could make a poignant message about the plight of starving children, homeless kittens and distressed nightclub hostesses while proving that Jesus was a black man and no one would notice with Mila Kunis topless.

Esquire named the ‘Black Swan’ starlet “Sexiest Woman Alive.” Naturally that comes with a Q and A time. In the interview Mila admits that her she was threatened when she refused to pose for the cover of a magazine that she didn’t respect…

My career was threatened over me not wanting to do the cover of a magazine.

By who?

By an executive. Oh, that’s not even true. A person higher than an executive. It was like, If you don’t do this magazine, you’ll never work in this company. I went, “Great.” It was the first time that I had someone on the phone tell me that I will never work in this industry again.

Did you laugh?

I said, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Which magazine?

It wasn’t Playboy, but it was a magazine I didn’t want to do. It’s very simple. I just didn’t want to do it. I said I would do that one and that one, just not this one. And this person couldn’t accept no. In my twenty-nine years, I’ve never met someone who lied as much as this person did. You know when little kids look at you with chocolate all over their face, and then you say, “Why did you eat that chocolate?” And they say, “I didn’t eat chocolate,” and you say, “But you have it on your face.” It was worse than that. There are good, honest people who work their asses off and don’t reach nearly as much success as this person does.

Looks like Kunis is laughing last. I also found another bit of her interview interesting. She doesn’t seem to have an air of PC. She openly admitted that celebs are paid for doing something as simple as holding a can of pop…

“That and the oatmeal. Here’s the truth: People want to get photographed in this industry a lot more than they let on. For instance, everything is sponsorship-based. When you see photos in magazines and someone’s holding a Coke or a Sprite and they’re just walking down the street, that’s a sponsorship.”

Its like a little reminder that she is not some pandering robot. That is sexy.

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Images Via: Esquire

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