Justin Bieber Faked Stolen Laptop Story, Releases Music Video (Watch Here)

So it’s looking like Justin Bieber was trying to pull the wool over our eyes… and it worked!

Apparently the singer just pretended to have his laptop stolen as part of a viral campaign stunt to release a music video.

Justin wanted to punk the world (the beliebers) and acted as though his camera and laptop had been stolen during a performance in Tacoma.

It was believed that the Biebz was worried about “personal footage” on the devices being leaked to the public.

Well apparently “personal footage” means a highly-choreographed and produced music video at a pool party featuring Nicki Minaj… sooo not a sex tape?

The music video is for the song “Beauty and A Beat” off Bieber’s new album Believe.

The singer took to his Twitter to make the big announcement saying, “Since i was 14 i have had a lot of things said about me, from dying, to taking hormones, to dying again, to stuff about my family… to saying i had a baby with a woman i never even met. nude pics, drugs, my family, my character… but today… today i get to be in on it… so to all of you… enjoy. let’s go for the 10 million mark!”

The video is fun and shows Justin running around and dancing in the water at some water park pool party.

Even Nicki put her feet into the pool, but you know she would have pulled a Mariah Smack Down if she got that wig wet!

So what did you think of the video? What about the faked theft story?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below…

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