Justin Bieber Cancer Hoax Had Beliebers Shaving Their Heads (Photos)

Ok, I need a minute to compose myself before I type this one out…

The latest in a long string of internet hoaxes has conned the youngsters of the world into ‘beliebing’ that their idol Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with cancer. No, that’s not the punchline…

To show their support, fans are shaving their heads. Yup, you read that correctly. Morons all over the country are now #BALDFORBIEBER!

Excuse me for a minute… another giggle fit is happening. Ok, I’m better now.

The whole debacle began earlier this week when a seemingly legit tweet surfaced from ET Online‘s verified twitter account. Unfortunately for the fools out there, it was simply a case of trolls on 4Chan using photoshop.

Since the news broke of Bieber’s ‘illness’, #BaldForBieber began trending on twitter, and videos of fans showing off their new hairless do’s have cropped up on youtube. A fan page has even been created on Facebook for these idiots to showcase their stupidity.


To further substantiate the joke, fake tweets were created for Kanye West, and Chris Brown. I guess it just goes to show, that if you read something on the internet it’s just gotta be true.

To all you Justin Bieber fans out there, let’s be clear on this; YOU GOT PRANKED! Justin is just fine and does NOT have cancer.

Time to hang your heads and cry at your gullibility kids. OH, and thanks so much for the LOL’z!

source: video

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