Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Engaged?!

The Daily Mail is pointing at the Double Double burger sized diamond on her left ring finger and claiming that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are engaged. I can’t say I blame them for jumping to this conclusion being that Jen is so found of getting married.

The former judge on ‘American Idol’ wore the rock at an event during Paris Fashion Week. She has Casper along for the ride and I am assuming he is babysitting while she pops a hip on carpets lined with cameras. They just denied engagement rumors back in June, but the British media outlet is adding fuel to fire stating that they appear to be unable to resist the romance that France exudes.

Yes, nothing says undying love like using your girlfriend’s Amex to buy her a ring after she left a note with your allowance stating: “Jenny needs a new rock – at least 5 carats and make sure that bitch sparkles like Robert Pattinson nipples in the sun.

According to Gossip Cop, a rep denied that she and Casper, who she calls Bear, called the tab’s engagement rumor “inaccurate.” Note: I am sure the “Bear” term of endearment has nothing to do with his rumored penchant for gay peep shows.

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