Hugh Jackman and Psy Dance Gangnam Wolverine Style (Video)

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to love Hugh Jackman.

“The Wolverine” star found himself doing the horse-riding Gangnam Style dance along with Korean rapper PSY.

Sharing a good laugh, they showed off iron claws on both knuckles.

Psy shared a photo with his fans on Twitter.

“Had a great time with @RealHughJackman #GangnamStyleWolverine~!!! lol.”

Jackman also posted a photo of the dance session on his Twitter page and added, “Slicing Gangnam Style!!!! Great to meet Psy who visited set yesterday.”

Jackman is currently filming “The Wolverine,” a sequel-slash-reboot of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” in Australia. The jacked Jackman also stars in “Les Miserables,” which is due out in theaters in December.

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