Britney Spears in a “Jealous Rage” Over Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra Hook Up

I just love entertaining the musings of the National Enquirer. Britney Spears is the subject of their latest claims that have everyone clutching their pearls.

According to the rag, Britney is flipping her weave in a jealous rage due to Simon Cowell‘s budding romance with Carmen Electra. Apparently she has some daddy issues manifesting in a secret love for Simon.

“Britney loved flirting and hanging out with Simon, and now she feels cast aside. When Simon first told Brit that he has a fabulous new girlfriend, she broke down in tears. It was a totally irrational response, considering she’s engaged to Jason Trawick.”

Cowell and Electra started dating in late September. They enjoyed ruining the dinners of several other patrons at Cecconi’s by making out freely in the eatery. That was followed by another dinner at Ago and a sleep over.I am sure they just braided each other’s hair and talked about Demi Lovato’s new bangs.

Reps gave the rag’s story an eye roll and refused to dignify their report with a comment.

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  • http://britneyspearspictures.net Ed

    haha. Britney is jealous. Come’on you already have a fiance Britney!