Aaron Carter Is Not Impressed With Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber recently released his new video for ‘Beauty and a Beat‘ and well, Aaron Carter is not impressed.

Taking to Twitter Aaron revealed, “Justin Biebers new video reminds me of my video Aaron’s Party” and continued, “I’m not impressed.”

With Aaron no doubt getting tons of flack from the Beliebers he concluded, “Why do kids & our generation have to be so negative? It’s like that’s what feeds kids these days.. I never expected people to be that way.”

“At least I know my generation isn’t like that. I hope y’all Co-Sign wit me on this. My opinion is my opinion. As is all of yours about me.”

Compare the videos below:

I guess with 21 MILLION more views, in a record amount of time, I’m guessing Aaron is feeling a bit miffed?

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