Wired Exclusive: Juliette Fairley’s ‘Mulatto’s Dilemma’ Makes L.A. Debut

Over the weekend, filmmaker and actress Juliette Fairley premiered her short film Juliette Fairley’s Mulatto’s Dilemma at the New York International Film Festival in Los Angeles!

The 10 minute film was screened in the Mary Pickford room of Raleigh Studios to a full audience.

The movie is about the struggles of a woman born of a black father and a white mother. Throughout the film we see what life has in store for someone of a bi-racial decent.

Mulatto’s Dilemma is the sequel to Fairley’s Mulatto Saga, which is currently airing on television across the country, including KCAL –TV in Los Angeles and CBS in New York!

“It is rewarding to sit in the audience and experience the viewer’s response to my work,” said Fairley.

“It’s gratifying to have my short films screen at so many different film festivals across the country because it means the word is getting out,” said Fairley who is currently revising the larger script Juliette Fairley’s Mulatto Saga to submit to film festivals across the country.

The short films began as a solo show performed by Fairley off-broadway two years ago. Now her project has gained quite a bit of buzz on the film festival circuit, especially since the televised syndication of Mulatto Saga.

Juliette Fairley’s Mulatto’s Dilemma will next screen at the Pocono Mountain Film Festival on October 20 and at the Red Hook International Film Festival in Brooklyn on October 14.

Can’t catch the festival?

Don’t worry! You can purchase DVD copies of Juliette Fairley's Mulatto's Dilemma and Mulatto Saga online now!

Photo Credit: Phred Mosby

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