Stephen King Sets Release Date for ‘The Shining’ Sequel

Stephen King has revealed the release date for his novel Doctor Sleep, a sequel to The Shining.

The author posted the news on his website this morning giving the date, September 24, 2013.

The instantly riveting novel is about the now middle-aged Dan Torrance (minus one big wheel) and the very special twelve-year-old girl he must save from a tribe of murderous paranormals.

The Shining was published in 1977 and served as the basis for the hit 1980 movie starring Jack Nicholson.

King recently previewed a portion of the book during a reading at George Mason University.

“Danny is a hospice worker who uses his powers to help ill patients to pass away without pain. Unfortunately, he runs afoul of a gang of wandering psychic vampires who feed on people’s energy.”

Take a listen to the reading below:

The casting for the movie release (cause you know there will be one) had better be chosen wisely.

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