DJ Afrojack Calls Paris Hilton A Big Fat Liar

I guess DJ Afrojack and Paris Hilton aren’t friends anymore.

While speaking with Complex, Afrojack revealed his true feelings for Paris.

Did you teach her how to DJ? What was your involvement in her DJ career?

“She’s a good friend of mine-well, let me rephrase it, used to be a good friend of mine-we were working on music together but she never said anything about the whole DJ thing so I didn’t really have anything to do with it. I didn’t know about it until the press release. It’s funny but I don’t care.”

Would you consider working with her now?

“Basically, what’s more important than music to me is family and friends and I will always be open for family and friends. Even if, for example, you. You’re interviewing me right now, you come to Philadelphia, we do another interview, and we’re like ‘Oh my God’ and we become best friends. Then you say, ‘I want to become a producer.’ An interviewer turning into a producer, people will say, ‘Yeah that’s impossible she’s a journalist’ but if you’re my friend, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help you? On the other hand, if we’re friends and you don’t ask me for my help or anything then you start talking about how I taught you-well, I didn’t. Then I’m pissed off, that’s not nice. Don’t bullshit me.”

Tsk Tsk, Paris.

Paris was also called-out today for spreading hate towards the gay community. Some people never change.

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