Courtney Stodden Turned Down By Playboy (Video)

Courtney Stodden, you know the girl who got married to a 52-year-old actor when she was 16, has just been shut down by Playboy magazine!

Sources connected to the adult magazine are saying that even though the Stodden teen is now 18, they still want nothing to do with her.

It was being reported that Courtney was flooded with offers to do porn films the day she turned 18.

So far Courtney has yet to accept an offer because apparently she was saving herself for Playboy… yeah well that’s not happening.

According to sources, “[Courtney Stodden] doesn’t meet the standards of a Playboy model.”

The source adds that Stodden looks too “enhanced” for the magazine… oh please Playboy as if you are the perpetuators of natural beauty.

Another source says, “[Playboy] would NEVER take her. I don’t think anybody really wants to see that anyway.”

Well Playboy I thought I’d show you and the world what you are missing, watch below…

Don’t worry the feeling of stupid should wear off soon.

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