Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of GYM Class For Being Weird

Amanda “Hot Mess” Bynes is back at it again…

This time the former Nickelodeon star was booted from a workout class after acting like a total weirdo!

Apparently, Bynes was acting so bizarrely that her workout instructor stopped the class halfway through and kicked her out.

According to sources at the West Hollywood Gym, Amanda was participating in a 50-minute spin class when all of the sudden she stopped and began aimlessly walking around the room to find a new bike.

Once she found a new bike closer to the room’s mirror, Amanda reportedly took off her top showing off a “tiny black strapless push up bra … not a sports bra.”

Hmm perhaps she was just airing the girls out?

Then after 25 minutes of topless cycling, the actress stopped and began reapplying her makeup in the mirror!

Sources say she did her entire make up for about 10 minutes before the instructor got pissed and threw her out.

Your move Lindsay Lohan.

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