Whitney Mixter and Sara Bettencourt Talk Engagement & ‘The Real L Word’ Season 3 (Photos)

Showtime’s “The Real L Word” is in its third season and the drama and entertainment is better than ever!

Two of the show’s stars, Whitney Mixter and Sara Bettencourt, are speaking exclusively to Allie Is Wired about the new season as well as their engagement and more.

This season the show went bi-coastal, showcasing not just the ladies of Los Angeles, but New York as well!

But that isn’t the only change this season…

“Season 3 has been a great experience and this time very different since we get to film together as a couple,” Whitney and Sara revealed. “The drama of the past that once surrounded our relationship has changed dynamics to a whole different realm of issues making it the most compelling season yet.”

When asked if the couple had any regrets once this season started airing, they replied, “We both have absolutely no regrets, this whole process is a learning experience and that is exactly what we are doing.”

The couple got engaged earlier this year, so how’s life for the soon-to-be-married couple now?

“Honestly for us we feel as though we had already committed to one another at the degree of what being engaged defines. We are both extremely happy and now we have that sense of closure when it comes to our commitment to one another.”

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As for the upcoming nuptials, Whitney and Sara revealed that like any other wedding, planning and stress go hand in hand.

“Wedding planning is so much to handle and you’ll definitely be seeing that in episodes to come. I never really understood the concept of ‘Bridezilla’ before but now I almost feel compassion for them.”

So what are the ladies up to now that filming has wrapped?

Well the ladies have entered the real estate business, creating Zopa Realty which handles residential and investment properties. The couple has also started their own clothing and accessory line, Sharkies, which is set to launch in the Fall.

Although Whitney and Sara may be busy with all of their new ventures, they insist that they will continue being part of the show as long as they are welcomed.

“This project has become a huge part of our lives and I think we’ve grown tremendously from it. So yes, Season 4, Season 5….eventually we are going to be ‘The Real L Word: Golden Girls Edition’”

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images: Makenna Hunt

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