LeAnn Rimes Files Lawsuit Against Two Twitter Bullies

Yesterday we reported that LeAnn Rimes had checked into rehab for stress. There appears to be much more to this story.

Apparently there’s a group of haters on Twitter who are on Team Brandi Glanville (aka Eddie Cibrian‘s ex-wife) and they have been relentlessly harassing LeAnn.

In lieu of ignoring them, LeAnn chose to confront them — over the phone!

Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley secretly taped the conversation and then published it on the internet.


Adding more stress to the situation, LeAnn has filed lawsuit against the two hecklers for invasion of privacy.


In the tape, you can clearly hear LeAnn bash Brandi — but in the lawsuit, LeAnn claims that Kimberly and Lexi edited the tape to make her look bad.

This should get interesting.

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